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Broccoli & Co.

 This shop opened in The Land in December of 1982 and featured items such as hydroponic plants and Kitchen Kabaret merchandise.  You could buy a stuffed Mr. Banana for a mere $6.00.  Mr. Tomato and Mr. Broccoli cost $20.00.  Mr. Eggplant cost $22.00.  Other Kitchen Kabaret items produced included placemats, tea towels, necklaces, magnets, pins, salt and pepper shakers, a Mr. Dairy Good creamer, bowls, cups and tumblers.  The shop closed on October 25, 1993 and was replaced by the Green Thumb Emporium.  This shop opened on November 10, 1993 and closed on April 25, 2004 to make way for Soarin'.

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