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Animal Kingdom

 Animal Kingdom only opened in 1998 but it already has made contributions to Walt Dated World.  In fact, two contributions were made before the park even officially opened!  The burnt knights in front of the dragon cave on the shore of Discovery River and the slaughtered "Big Red" elephant in Kilimanjaro Safaris were removed after complaints during park previews.  
 Another part of the safari that has gone to Walt Dated World is the gun-toting cast member who used to telling passing safari vehicles that "Little Red's OK!".  The cast member later held a walkie-talkie before being removed for good.

Conservation Station:  Renamed Rafiki's Planet watch in October of 2000.
Wonders of the Wild:  This was the name of the  Disney Outfitters shop from 1999-2001.  It then reverted back to the original name, Disney Outfitters.

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