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Snow White's Scary Adventures: Original Ride

Watch for the 1994 version of Snow White's Scary Adventures to be added to Walt Dated World soon.

 Snow White's Scary Adventures was an original opening day attraction.  When ticket books were used, it required a C coupon.  Similar to the original Disneyland version of the ride, Snow White did not appear in the attraction.  Guests were supposed to pretend that they were Snow White but often didn't understand the concept.  Perhaps at Walt Disney World, Snow White was too busy appearing in the Mickey Mouse Revue to be in her own ride, although the dwarves managed to appear in both attractions.  
 The original ride also had a somewhat jarring end.  The witch would be seen on a ledge pushing a rock above the ride vehicle and the next room featured a strobe effect with stars, which implied that the witch had an accurate aim with rocks and sent the riders into the hereafter.  
 In 1994, the ride was remodeled to actually feature Snow White and the word "Scary" was dropped from the ride title but eventually added back in because young kids still were frightened by the witch.  The attraction also received a happy ending, with Snow White being woken up by the Prince.  The Snow White attraction at Walt Disney World closed on May 31, 2012 and was replaced by the Princess Fairy Tale Hall.  

Figures for Walt Disney World's Snow White attraction receive finishing touches prior to installation.

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