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Remember when resort rooms used to have giant maps of Walt Disney World in them?  Thanks to Chris Thomas for sending in this cool picture.  Unfortunately, I can't improve the quality of the picture or make it larger.

 Wade Robinson sent in these super Contemporary Resort pictures from 1984.  You can see the map better in these. As well as a view of how the rooms used to be decorated.  Those look like some neat toys on the table!

World Adventure Plan

Lynne O'Neil writes about a fantastic plan that she remembers called the World Adventure Plan:  "One thing that many people never knew about is that Walt Disney World Resorts reservations in the mid 1980's used to have an all inclusive vacation package plan.  It was called the "World Adventure Plan".  You could only get this plan through Walt Disney World reservations and you had to ask for it as they never offered it.  In other words, you had to say "by the way, do you offer a package plan?".  No other travel agent offered this plan, none of them even heard of it.  It was strictly through Walt Disney World. The plan was fantastic and the sky was literally the limit.

It was offered for the Polynesian, the Contemporary, The Disney Inn (at the time), and then the Grand Floridian.  The plan offered your hotel room, all three meals per day at ANY Walt Disney World sit down restaurant in the hotels and theme parks (including appetizer, main dish, dessert, non alcoholic drink), ALL dinner shows (Polynesian Luau and Broadway at the Top show at the Contemporary), all boats and recreation (boating, fishing, horseback riding) without a time limit, as many times you wanted during your stay, and all theme park admissions.  It was the best package.  The only things you needed to pay for were your alcoholic beverages, your own souvenirs and your own way of getting to Walt Dated World.  All the tips were included.  I'll never forget it.  Since there were no limitations, you could go over to the Empress Lilly and order away off the menu.  We got Maine lobster for $60, an appetizer and a dessert.  The bill for 3 of us was well over $300 which we didn't have to pay.  It was already paid up front in advance, but trust me, you got so much more for what you paid for in the all inclusive package plan.  I still have the card, the size of a credit card."

See unbuilt Resort concepts here

In 1972, there may have only been only four resorts but there was still a lot to do.

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