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If You Had Wings/If You Could Fly

If You Had Wings

 Sponsored by Eastern Airlines, If You Had Wings was one of the few free attractions in the Magic Kingdom.  It opened on June 5, 1972.  Guest boarded Omnimover cars that showed different destinations that Eastern flew to.  The song featured throughout the ride was written by Norman "Buddy" Baker.  One part of the ride featured projections of animated birds that looked like the bird in the old Walt Disney World Village logo.  The projectors used for this effect were very noisy.  Film clips included a cop in Bermuda alternating between directing traffic consisting of humans... and flamingos!  There was also a segment where the cars traveled through a wraparound tunnel that gave the illusion of speed.  The exit of the ride had an Eastern information counter, where guests were informed that they did have wings and that the airline would help them travel where they wanted to go.

If You Could Fly

 When Eastern stopped sponsoring the ride on June 1, 1987, the references to the airline and theme song were dropped  The attraction was briefly known as If You Could Fly until it was replaced by Delta Dreamflight (later called Take Flight when Delta ceased its sponsorship.)  The Exterior featured the flying birds from the beginning of the ride instead of the Eastern logo and a new song was used at this time.   The show building is currently used for Buzz Lighter's Space Ranger Spin and still uses an Omnimover track.  Timekeeper made reference to the ride in his movie, (although it may not have been intentional) when he told Jules Verne,  You can't fly.  If you had wings, I'd let you go."

Empty Omnimover vehicles during the If You Could Fly era.

(Thanks to Brotherdave for the If You Could Fly pictures)

Boarding Area Destinations


The Loading area had a Departure and Arrival Board.  The following destinations were listed on the Departing Flight Board Destination list:
(Thanks to Eric Paddon for this information)

Caribbean And Island Ports Of Call
Su Casa Service To Old San Juan
The Pyramids Of Ancient Mexico
The New Orleans Jazz Flight
Bermuda's Underwater Reefs
The Adventure Specials
Bahamas 700 Islands

Eastern: Your Wings to the Family Vacation Kingdom

It seems ironic that an Eastern Airlines poster would prominently feature the Tiki Birds.  The Disneyland version of the show was sponsored at one point by United Airlines!

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