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Shops and Restaurants
Film and Glow Kiosk: It sold film and camera accessories.  It also carried glow merchandise at night.  It was later was a Photo Express drop-off point.    
Mickey's Mart: It sold Disney souvenirs and  was sponsored by Coppertone Sun-Care products.  It closed on June 27, 1991 and is now known as Mickey's Star Traders.  This was the shop that passengers riding the WEDway PeopleMover would be able to look down at as they passed the windows up above.  The shop was remodeled once Stitch's Great Escape opened.  The following are pictures of the figures that were removed during remodeling.

Skyway Station Shop: It sold Disney souvenirs.
Space Place: It carried cameras, film and accessories, candy, Florida T-shirts and sweatshirts.  Disneyland had a restaurant with the same name near Space Mountain.  
Space Port: It sold contemporary decorative gifts.
Ursa's Major Minor Mart: Was located near the Skyway station.

Lunching Pad: One of the most popular items that it served in the 1970s was a natural tuna fish sandwich with alfalfa sprouts on organic bread wheat bread (later changed to pita bread.)  Other items included cream cheese on honey date-nut bread and a fruit and vegetable salad.  Desserts included frozen yogurt, coconut macaroons and carob brownies.  At one point it was sponsored by Sun Giant.  It later featured Disney Handwiches, fresh fruit and salad.  This restaurant is now called the Lunching Pad at Rockettower Plaza and has a different menu.  
Space Bar: It offered specialty sandwiches, punch, desserts, and snacks.  At one time it was sponsored by Wise Foods.
Tomorrowland Terrace: You could get such snacks as an 80 cent Orbit Burger (hamburger), Moon Burger (cheeseburger) or a Space Dog (hot dog) here.  Also available was a Gemini Burger with two beef patties, specialty sandwiches, salads, and Coca-Cola.  The Terrace closed on September 26, 1994.  It was remodeled into Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe and reopened on December 9, 1994.  There was also a Tomorrowland Terrace at Disneyland (Later called Club Buzz) but it did not have indoor seating like Walt Disney World's Terrace.   

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